Have you registered your CV with lots of internet databases but never received any contact from a recruiter keen to know more about your extensive experience?
I thought I'd write about the increasing use of machines to "read" CVs and judge a candidate's suitability for a job. The software is called "Applicant Tracking Systems" and they scan your CVs looking for particular Keywords.

The implications are pretty big for you as a job seeker, so here's a summary to help you get through the initial screening stage:
  • Try to obey the 2 page rule for CVs - more is not necessarily better!
  • Keep your CV format simple - avoid boxes, numerous fonts, italics and diagrams/logos.
  • Include keywords specific to the industry and type of job you are aiming for - use them at the beginning of your CV.
  • Keep job titles generic and recognisable - don't flower them up and make them sound complicated.
  • Try not to be repetitive - use variations of the same word, e.g. "Management" as well as "managed".
  • Make sure your Profile is up to date and ready to capture the recruiter's attention - this is your shop window.