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   Attending interviews isn't something you do every day. You may not have had an interview for a

   while or you may have had many interviews but no job offers. So when the need arises, you
   you may be unsure how to effectively prepare and present yourself.

   There's no need to worry as our Consultants have a great deal of experience helping people
   to successfully prepare for their interview and take away and concerns you may have.

   We offer an interview coaching service that can significantly improve your technique, help
   combat your nerves and build your confidence for the big day.

   Telephone sessions will help you to develop your answers to the most common types of    
   question you may be asked. We'll also help you to know how to thoroughly prepare prior to the
   interview and give you tips on how to manage the day itself.

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 There are 3 Packages available to help you prepare for your Interview:

  •  120 Minutes  -  £150
  •  90 Minutes    -  £112
  •  60 Minutes    -  £75
 Your Consultant will work with you to identify and overcome the specific concerns 
 you may have about your interview. Everyone is different and will have different
 needs, so we prefer to offer flexible sessions rather than a prescriptive approach.

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07715 302312

 What our Clients say:

 " I got the job!!! I had 5 interviews last year and didn't get a job offer. Two hours coaching from my Consultant and I felt confident throughout the interview and got the job. I start next week."

                                                                SB, Bristol

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