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Redundancy  - Letter to Employers Template


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Name & Address/Dept. of Employee (s)

Dear xxxxx

I/We are aware that the company is currently undergoing a re-structuring programme and that some of the positions may become redundant. In order to help me/us find alternative employment and, therefore, minimise the financial impact of redundancy, I respectfully request if the company would help me/us to find a new role by providing me/us with some training and support in CV writing and interview techniques.

I/We feel unsure how best to approach the job application process and it would mean a great deal to me and my colleagues to receive help and support with this before we are made redundant.

I/We have identified a company which could help with the training.

The company is called Career Master CV Solutions and their website address is:

They have flexible a Redundancy Support Programme which can be tailored to suit our company needs and budget.

They can help us with:

  • Career Coaching
  • Job Search Strategy
  • CV Writing
  • Application Forms
  • Interview Coaching
  • Mock Interviews
I hope that you will take a few minutes to look through the various options available as these services would help me/us a great deal. There is also an enquiry form on there for you to contact them to discuss their services.

I/We am/are very keen to find new employment and would be very grateful for your assistance in this matter. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you and would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to consider this proposal.

Yours faithfully

Your name/names.